Tree Surgery

We offer a complete range of tree surgery services. This may be in the form of pruning, thinning, shaping or removing deadwood. Here you will find a brief description of the work this involves.

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is where, as the name suggests the crown of the tree is reduced. This is often carried out when a tree has outgrown its available space. Advanced Tree Care generally reduces both the height and spread of the tree crown while trying to keeping the natural shape and symmetry of the tree.

Crown Lifting

Crown raising is simply removing the lower branches of the tree. This may be done because of a problem with access or with visibility under the tree canopy itself.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is where branches are removed from within the canopy, allowing more light and wind to filter through the canopy. This makes the tree a lot more wind-firm, reducing the risk of branches breaking and the tree getting blown over in heavy winds.

Dead wooding

Dead wooding is the removal of any branches which are damaged, dead, weak or diseased, as well as removing climbing plants such as Ivy to clean out the tree.

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