Wood Chipping

If you have undertaken tree work without the services of Advanced Tree Care and you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of tree branches you are left with Advanced Tree Care will be only too glad to chip up your branches for you by supplying a Wood Chipper with an Operator. Woodchip can be left on site to spread around flowerbeds, make garden paths or it can be blown straight into our truck and removed altogether. By using a Wood Chipper the overall bulk is reduced to about one fifth of its original size. The price depends on the amount to be chipped and minimum prices are listed below:

Wood Chipping  Minimum Charge:     €100

To maximize chipping efficiency and save time, here are a few cost saving suggestions that will allow us to perform our work quicker and save you money

  • Stack all Branches with cut ends facing the same way.
  •  Stack branches as close as possible to where the wood chipper will be parked.
  • Chipper will chip up to 8 inch diameter and any length. Any limbs larger in diameter will have to be cut by us and thrown into the back of the chip truck.
  • Branches must be free of non-timber material, particularity metal.
  • NON-CHIPABLE: Any root-balls or roots
  • You have the choice to have us haul off the chips or dump them on site for mulching.

Please contact us on 086-0520985 for more information or if you have any other tree care service needs.